FAO AQUASTAT Global Information System on Water and Agriculture

Web address: http://www.fao.org/aquastat/en/

This information tools offers the following:

  1. Standardised data and information to measure progress and to substantiate decisions

  2. Tools to generate own analysis and conclusions

  3. Capacity development to improve understanding and monitoring of water resources, water use, and irrigation management

Data is available globally and South African data is available down to micro-scale for some data sets. Data, river basin profiles, regional analysis, maps, tables, spatial data, guidelines and other tools are available on

  1. Water resources; internal and transboundary

  2. Water use by sector, source and wastewater

  3. Irrigation locations, area, typology, technology, crops

  4. Dam locations, height, capacity and surface area

  5. Water related organisations, policies and legislation

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