Current projects:

  • Current projectsNational Drought Management Plan for South Africa

Our team of experts successfully completed projects in South Africa and various African countries.

Examples of such projects are:
  • Provincial Flood Plan, Northern Cape Province
  • City of Johannesburg strategic workshop for Disaster Management - read more...
  • Assessment of disaster risk management in South Africa
  • Drought risk assessment for rainfed agriculture in the Eastern Cape
  • Disaster Risk Assessment for the Northern Cape Province
  • Provincial Wild Fire Management Plan: Northern Cape Province
  • UgandaDrought and food security risk assessment in Karamoja, Uganda
  • Provincial Drought Management Plan: Northern Cape Province
  • Disaster management specialist on UNSPIDER Technical Assessment Missions to Kenya, Ghana and Zambia
  • Drought Risk Assessment and development of drought management plans for agriculture in the Dinder region, Sudan.
  • Development of disaster management systems, Congo Brazzaville
  • Economic analysis of Merowe Dam, Sudan resettlement scheme.
  • Agricultural marketing plan, Merowe Dam, Sudan resettlement scheme
  • Agricultural extension plan, Merowe Dam, Sudan resettlement scheme

Development of integrated national drought plan

Résilience Globale Pty Ltd was appointed by the Department of Local Government to develop an integrated national drought plan for South Africa. This plan will address drought management for agriculture, industry, tourism, domestic water-use and all types of drought in SA. The NDMC is the lead agent and provides support to the Prof Jordaan and his team.

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Hembondeiro agricultural and agro-processing development project; Chokwe, Mozambique

Résilience Globale Pty Ltd was appointed to develop business plans for 10,000 ha irrigation and supporting agro-processing activities. Hembondeiro Companhia De Desenvolvimeno Agrário Lda plan a 10, 000 ha irrigation project 15 km from Chokwe town. This project will also focus on community development and creation of agro-processing activities as part of a larger development plan for the region.

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City of Johannesburg strategic workshop for Disaster Management

Organised by Disaster Management section and Z-Zone event managers.

Prof Jordaan from Résilience Globale facilitated a highly successful strategic workshop from 24 to 25 January at Mulderdrift, Johannesburg. The purpose of the workshop was to plan and strategise for a world-class disaster risk reduction and disaster response capacity in the City of Johannesburg.

Thirty eight persons from different departments participated in inter-active group discussions and provided valuable direction for the City of Johannesburg. The MMC for Safety and Security Mr Michael Sun visited the course on both 24 and 25 January and he together with Mr Tshepo Mothlale the acting Director, Disaster Management, do the handover of attendance certificates.

Pictures: Workshop participants actively involved in group discussions

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