Mentorship for new farmers

Mentorship for new farmersLand Reform is a key policy directive from the South African Government with most in agreement that it is an important outcome for future political stability. The balance between political expectations on the one hand and the expectation of food security and sustainable land reform on the other hand is dependent on the successful development and wealth creation of new land reform beneficiaries. Mentorship is a key element of success for any new farmer. Most successful commercial farmers today were mentored by a parent, a neighbor or an experienced extension officer.

With more than 40 years practical experience of commercial farming and understanding of the developing agricultural sector, the Resilience Globale team provides professional mentorship to new farmers that allow farmers to become recognized and successful commercial farmers.


 Disaster Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Disaster Risk and Vulnerability AssessmentsUnderstanding risk is only possible through the assessment of hazards, exposure and related vulnerabilities and resilience. The Resilience Globale team combined the capitals/assets with relevant hazards for a better understanding of risk. The ten key capitals analysed during the RG risk assessment include (i) social capital, (ii) human capital, (iii) cultural capital, (iv) political capital, (v) institutional capital, (vi) organizational capital, (vii) infrastructure, (viii) economic capital, (ix) environment or ecological capital, and (x) technological capital. Hazards are evaluated based on frequency, intensity and severity while exposure is calculated based on the potential impact.

Resilience Globale make use on contributions and analysis from a multi disciplinary team of experts and provide results also in a geo-spatial format.


Development of Disaster Management and Related Plans

Development of Disaster Management and Related PlansDisaster Risk Management and Disaster Response plans are key requirements for line departments and all district municipalities. In fact, all government and private organizations should develop mitigation prevention and response plans for any potential extreme event. We are a team of experts who developed several disaster risk management plans in South Africa and in other African countries.




TrainingOur team of experts have more than 100 years of combined expertise in the development and facilitation of short courses. We work with recognized training organizations and provide accredited training on topics such as 

  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Contingency planning
  • Incident Command
  • Agricultural development
  • Farm Management
  • Proposal writing
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