Current projects:

  • Current projectsNational Drought Management Plan for South Africa

Our team of experts successfully completed projects in South Africa and various African countries.

Examples of such projects are:
  • Provincial Flood Plan, Northern Cape Province
  • City of Johannesburg strategic workshop for Disaster Management - read more...
  • Assessment of disaster risk management in South Africa
  • Drought risk assessment for rainfed agriculture in the Eastern Cape
  • Disaster Risk Assessment for the Northern Cape Province
  • Provincial Wild Fire Management Plan: Northern Cape Province
  • UgandaDrought and food security risk assessment in Karamoja, Uganda
  • Provincial Drought Management Plan: Northern Cape Province
  • Disaster management specialist on UNSPIDER Technical Assessment Missions to Kenya, Ghana and Zambia
  • Drought Risk Assessment and development of drought management plans for agriculture in the Dinder region, Sudan.
  • Development of disaster management systems, Congo Brazzaville
  • Economic analysis of Merowe Dam, Sudan resettlement scheme.
  • Agricultural marketing plan, Merowe Dam, Sudan resettlement scheme
  • Agricultural extension plan, Merowe Dam, Sudan resettlement scheme
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