AQUEDUCT Water Risk Atlas

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Aqueduct provide two sets of tools, which can be used globally. These are the:

  1. Aqueduct water risk tool that maps and analyses current and future water risks across locations. The water risk tool provides excellent information at country and catchment level about water stress, water depletion, interannual variability, seasonal variability, groundwater table changes, riverine flood risks, coastal flood risks, drought risk, untreated connected wastewater, coastal eutrophication potential, drinking water and sanitation.

  2. Aqueduct country rankings, which compare national and sub-national water risks. The overall score for SA is 2.89 meaning medium to high water stress score with the agricultural sector as 3.16, domestic water at 2.43 and industrial water at 2.55. Score between 2 and 3 indicates medium to high water stress and score >3 indicate high water stress.

  3. Also of great value is the projection tool of aquaduct where projection up to 2040 are available under 3 scenarios for water stress, seasonal variability, water supply and water demand.

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